NLCP graduates do some amazing things. Perhaps the most enriching thing they ever do is share their energizing experiences with our current students. Whether in the classroom or the boardroom, NLCP alumni are setting an example for the students who will ultimately follow in their footsteps.

Brandon Hammons : NLCP Class of 2009, Denison University, B.A. Economics

“NLCP prepared me to go to college, but more importantly, stay in college.”

NLCP prepared me to go to college, but more importantly, stay in college. Through positive mentor support and Phoenix Rising programs, I had the skills and ambitions, along with the support, to stay in college all four years. Having such helpful mentors and keeping in contact with NLCP gave me a safe place to look back to and rely on.

My senior project gave me many of the skills and work habits that I used while in college. It gave me an early start in the right way to work and how to do effective research.

Some of the accomplishments that I am most proud of include becoming a member of:

  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.
  • Black Student Union President,
  • Recipient of Burton Morgan Entrepreneurship Award

Currently I am employed by Allstate as a Commodity Analyst.

Jocelyn Alexander : NLCP Class of 2006, Indiana Wesleyan University

“NLCP taught me to be a person who can set goals and strategically accomplish them.”

My NLCP experience was excellent. I had been to two different high schools before NLCP. NLCP was by far the best. NLCP gave me that challenge that I was looking for in a school without losing sight of the fact that we should be college oriented. NLCP helped me become the person that wanted to do better because NLCP made the students believe that they could do better.

If it were not for NLCP, I never would have reached my full potential. The college field trips really pushed me to keep going in the right direction by helping me decide where I wanted to go. The intersession courses really showed me that I could actually handle college even during high school.

I currently work for Indiana University Health. My job title is Certified Pharmacy Technician. I take care of patients and their prescription needs.

John Henderson : NLCP Class of 2012, Western Illinois University, B.S. Construction Management

“North Lawndale had a huge impact on my life because of the warm and loving environment.”

North Lawndale had a huge impact on my life because of the warm and loving environment. North Lawndale also provided me with classes that really challenged my intellectual abilities. I was learning things my freshmen and sophomore year that seniors from surrounding High schools had not even been exposed to.

Because of NLCP’s Phoenix Rising program, I was able to attend a two week Architectural Program at the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign. That experience motivated me to strive to become an Architect.

NLCP provided me with classes and assignments that challenged my intellectual abilities as well as provided an understanding and a loving staff.  The NLCP staff demonstrated their interest in my success by doing things like, staying after school to make sure that I understood the materials that I was assigned and helping me prepare for tests.

Louvina Davis : NLCP Class of 2009, Illinois State University, B.S. Elementary Education

“My mother was hooked when she heard that NLCP would send me to college.”

NLCP had a great impact on my life from the very beginning, starting at Open House. My mother was hooked when she heard that NLCP would send me to college. Mr. Horan had successfully persuaded my mother by simply stating the school’s motive and mission.

I participated in all three years of Phoenix Rising.  During my sophomore summer, I participated in a college program called LEAD. It was my first experience at an out of state college with a diverse student body.  My junior summer I participated in the Northwestern University Civic Education Project. I stayed on campus at UIC for four weeks. I learned how to use a meal plan, prepare a budget, and make friends with other students who came from different racial backgrounds.

The AP classes that I took at NCLP prepared me for college course work. The AP classes provided me with experiences in listening to lectures, note taking, and essay writing. Senior Project taught me how to take pride in my work. It trained me to become a writer, an editor, a researcher, and a speaker.

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