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At North Lawndale College Prep (NLCP), our mission is simple and unwavering: give young people what they need so they can earn a college degree. We start working with students on this endeavor the day they walk in as freshmen. And we continue working with them until they complete college, no matter how long that might take.

Best of all, our model is working! Every year nearly 85% of our graduates enroll in college. 80% of
those who enroll have either earned a degree or continue persisting toward one. In a neighborhood
where less than 5% of residents have completed college, we think that’s pretty impressive.

deron“I was immediately drawn to the purity of NLCP’s mission — to see their students through college, not just high school. The Associate Board has a real impact on that mission, mentoring students through the Phoenix Soar program and raising funds to send them on college visits.“ – Deron Nardo, NLCP Associate Board

Pass It On!

This annual spring event, helps fund vital school services including summer enrichment programs for current students and care packages for alumni who are in college. Plus, it’s a great time! Last year’s PASS IT ON event raised $150,000 and 40 graduating seniors were celebrated.
For more information about PASS IT ON, visit


Associate Board members mentor NLCP students to provide the thoughtful, caring counsel of another adult influence during life’s difficult transitions, plus someone to help celebrate when things are going well. They may also help secure donations of clothing or other items that NLCP students sometimes need.

Send us a note if you’d like to learn more about the Associate Board:

2017-18 NLCP Associate Board Members

Eric Baas
Illinois College of Optometry
Jessica Lau
Heidrick and Struggles
Alejandra Esqueda Belmonte
Marron Mahoney
Illinois Appelate Court
Jessica Strache Brandis
Ronin Capital
Kelly Martin
North Lawndale College Prep
Fred Brewer
Deron NardoChair
4 Topps Premium Seating
Rebecca Burkhart
Hines VA Hospital
Kirby Nardo
Patrick Burkhart
Mary Kate Raminkski
Alzheimer’s Association
Jessica Eisenbeis
University of Illinois-Chicago
Ariana Rasansky
Laramar Group, LLC
Sophia Kang
CTC Consulting
Lorenza Taylor
Bank of America
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