NLCP believes that whenever a child succeeds we can all celebrate, no matter what part we played—as a coach, teacher, mentor, or friend. And while statistics can’t tell the whole story, we think these numbers speak volumes about our school, our community, and our commitment to our mission.

  • Since 2002, nearly 1,800 students have graduated from NLCP.
  • Each year, approximately 80% of NLCP graduates enroll in college. The college enrollment rate for all Chicago Public High School graduates is 65%.
  • Our college graduation rate is almost double the national rate for low-income students
  • Our Girls basketball team placed 2nd in the 2016 Illinois Class 3A State Championship. Our Boys team advanced to the 2016 3A Sectional Final.
  • NLCP students won an Emmy award in 2010 for collaborating with Free Spirit Media to produce a public service announcement about the negative impact of gun violence on communities.
  • After college, NLCP Alumni enroll in law school, work for Fortune 500 companies and give back to their community as teachers and social workers.

To learn more about HOW NLCP has achieved these results, click here.

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