Soul Food

This morning I received a request to write a letter of recommendation. One of our NLCP alumnae is applying for a Ph.D program in Special Education.  Omg…  And she won’t even be the first NLCP alumnae to earn a doctorate.  We already have one who has earned her J.D.  1,000 NLCP graduates have gone on to college.  250 have earned their degrees while the other 750 are making slow and steady progress.  A bunch of our grads are working on their Masters’ degrees.  When I think of the difference they will make in the world all I can say is Omg!

In the daily struggle to give our kids the best school we can, it is easy to forget that we are making a difference.  Lots of times we get worn out and wonder if all of our efforts are conspiring to help our kids to and through college.  It is the special vocation of those who work with young people from under-resourced communities to have hope in the unseen.

During the rain delay in that fabulous 7th game of the World Series, Jason Heyward gathered his frazzled Cubs team mates and said this:

“I just sensed (the team) needed to hear it from somebody, from somewhere.  I don’t know if it was gonna’ come or not, but I just feel like we needed to be reminded how good we are.  I needed to love on them a little bit and tell them: ‘Hey, I love everybody in here.  You should all look in the mirror and understand you can get it done.  I don’t care who it is.”

So on this grey day in early November with all of the hard work that awaits, hoping in the unseen,  take a look in the mirror and repeat after Heyward, “We can get it done.”


John Horan

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