What got you out of bed this morning?

Dear Phoenix:

So what got you out of bed this morning?

It is a tough morning, the first day back from a wonderful holiday vacation that seemed to lusciously linger on and on.
It is tough to leave our loved ones after having spent so much quality time with them these last two weeks. (As the son of a faculty member remarked this morning, “Mom, it’s been great to be with you… see you again in May!”)
It is tough to leave afternoon naps, TV binge watching, catching up with friends, reading for pleasure and waking up in the morning knowing that the day is yours!

So this is what got me up.
My job is a chance for me to do good that matters.
This work, although it depletes my energy and devours my time, also deepens my humanity.
It is a chance to disrupt our world’s increasing tolerance for violence in thought, word and deed.
It is a chance to help our kids experience their potential and take the risks necessary to be full grown.
It is a chance for me to love and be loved back by these surprising, garrulous, and abundant adolescents.
It is a chance to counter the terrible causality of generational poverty, kid by kid, family by family.
It is a chance to work with you as we strive to give our kids the great school they deserve and the school we long to be.

It is tough work and we have no illusions about what it will demand of us. But if you, like me, were blessed by the abundance of our friends and family these past 2 weeks, it is time to pay that abundance forward.

Happy New Year!

John Horan
NLCP President

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