Phoenix Pact

Launched in 2015, The Phoenix Pact is a scholarship program designed to ensure that NLCP graduates can attend colleges where they are most likely to be successful, without cost standing in the way.

Named after NLCP’s mascot, the mythical Phoenix that is re-born from its own ashes, the Phoenix Pact program is a 3-way pact between the student, the college, and the Phoenix Pact Fund.

Students commit to graduate with a B average or better and attend a college with a track record of successfully graduating minority students.

Colleges commit to keeping total loan costs manageable and to ensuring that 50% or more of their minority students earn a degree.

The Phoenix Pact Fund commits to cover any financial gap remaining between the cost of attendance and available financial aid.

To learn more about the Phoenix Pact Fund and see a list of partner colleges, click here to visit

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