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Paula KarllHarvey, Illinois
I enjoy traveling, dancing, reading current events, thrillers and mystery novels. I also enjoy spending time with my family and love ones. Trinity Christian College-Palos Heights, Bachelor of Arts in Education Trinity Christian College-Palos Heights, Master of Arts in Special Education Learning Behavior Specialist NLCP is a culture that nurtures students learning academically, socially, and emotionally. I am inspired by the diverse experiences among my colleagues who share a common goal in supporting the under resourced and under served community. I strive to provide learning opportunities for my students in a safe environment. NLCP provides avenue to support students and their families the opportunities to achieve post-secondary education/ employment opportunities.
Louis Ferguson Evanston, Illinois
When thinking of interests, passion is the word that comes to mind. Indeed it is the life’s blood that propels us forward. I am deeply passionate about family, but can find myself losing time when traveling, biking, gardening, coaching and being a tropical fish hobbyist. Northern Illinois University, Bachelor of Science in Sports Business Chicago State University, Master of Arts in Special Education, Learning Behavior Specialist NLCP has a mission that is true to my heart. We are life long learners in this journey, and our goal is to help each other develop and reach our highest potential.
Laura Gekas-Feltman Arlington Heights, IL
I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family.  Eastern Illinois University, Bachelor of Arts in English/Journalism Northeastern Illinois University, Master of Arts in Secondary Education Language Arts, Learning Behavior Specialist All students look for someone to listen and believe in them.  As a teacher, I need to make every student feel valued and loved.  I believe that teenagers learn best when they are engaged, the lessons are meaningful and relevant, and when the learning is challenging and fun. I’m drawn to the challenge of working at an inner city school.  Our students have strengthened my patience and passion to continue developing as an educator.
Ellen Wade Oak Park, Illinois
Take a look at my bucket list and you will see that I love collecting and making connections. I love collecting words, fabric, yarn, buttons, recipes, and pictures of people and the places I have been and would like to visit. I love getting lost in the stories and conversations shared with the people I meet, exchanging bits and pieces to recreate new stories. There is never enough time to quilt, knit, and dance to the music that I am never without. I enjoy being able to embrace each new day with passion and fervor with the hope that I am able to make a connection with someone else who feels the same way. Northwestern University Bachelor of Arts in English/Communication. Chicago State University, Master of Science Education – Special Education – Learning Behavior Specialist. National-Louis University, Doctoral Candidate – Disability and Equity in Education.
Alyssa Santella New York, NY
In my spare time I enjoy swimming, reading, and traveling. University of Iowa, Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology A quality education can open new doors and create possibilites that otherwise may not exist. I believe that all students are entitled to this right, regardless of socioeconomic status. Despite challenges facing the community, NLCP has built a community that truly lives its mission. Students are supported from freshmen year through their post-secondary transition in order to accomplish all they are capable of.
George Davis II Chicago, IL
I love sports, reading, music, TV and movies (in moderate amounts!!), physical fitness and PEOPLE. Howard University, Bachelor in Business Management (B.B.A.) Chicago State University, Master Art of Teaching (M.A.T.) Concordia University Chicago, Master in School Leadership “You CAN do it. I’ll HELP you!” I believe all young people deserve a chance to go to, and be successful, at college!

The NLCPHS Department for Academic Access and Instructional Support (DAIS) consists of committed individuals who believe in the ability of our students and the mission of our school.

We believe every student is endowed with their own special talents. Using those talents, we engage, motivate and nurture their individual abilities and guide them towards growth while providing a safe, healthy, and structured environment.
We believe ALL students deserve a rigorous education. We believe each student should be challenged through the process of inquiry while being offered opportunity and choice. We create quality learning environments by building relationships that empower their sense of learning.
We believe in building growth mindsets. We teach specific skills that will enable them to problem solve in school and in real-life experiences.
We believe in positive relationships. We strive to build partnerships with families to best support the success of our scholars. We encourage our students to be resilient – even in the face of adversity.

Diverse in our educational expertise, we provide a wide range of instructional, philosophical, and emotional support. Together as a team we are focused on one common goal – helping our students achieve post-secondary education and independent living skills. We believe that ‘success’ is a culmination of planning, partnership and vision.

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