Together, we rise. Together, we support our students.

Mission & Vision

We partner with families and community stakeholders to cultivate a web of support for students that clears a path to and through college.

The mission of North Lawndale College Preparatory Charter High School (NLCP) is to prepare young people from under-resourced communities for graduation from high school with the academic skills and personal resilience necessary for successful completion of college.


Since our founding over two decades ago, NLCP has been guided by an unwavering mission: to empower students with the tools necessary to earn a college degree.

Every day, we prepare students academically and socially for success in college, career and life. We do this through a multi-pronged approach:

Rigorous college-prep academic focus:

NLCP empowers over 750 high school students to be transformational leaders through a model that links academic rigor to a web of support. Taken together, these elements create a clear path to and through college.

Providing a web of support:

Our students’ success will have a positive ripple effect on North Lawndale and the greater Chicago community.

  • Of the nearly 2,000 students who have graduated from NLCP, 99% have been accepted to college.
  • NCLP graduates earn college degrees at more than double the rate of Chicago Public Schools’ graduates.

Students bring more than just their academic selves to school. For more than 20 years, NLCP has cultivated a web of support for students that develops their resilience while creating solutions for the most vexing challenges faced by our students.

Partnering with families and community stakeholders:

NLCP’s trauma-informed support team includes student life counselors, social workers, mentoring programs and community partners to ensure that every student has someone to turn to in times of academic and personal crises.

  • Our nationally recognized Peace Warriors program reduces violence within the community and provides intensive support to those who have experienced trauma.
  • NLCP is the only school in Chicago that operates a home for students experiencing housing insecurity. Phoenix Hall provides housing, counseling and a sense of community for students who feel displaced due to their living situation.

NLCP partners with families to clear a path for students to earn their college degree.

  • NLCP develops a college-going culture from day one through college visits, a college seminar, and Phoenix Rising, a program for NLCP students that puts them on college campuses during the summer.
  • 99% of NLCP seniors have been accepted to college over the last 17 years.
  • NLCP is the only school in Chicago that offers full-tuition college scholarships to qualifying students who attend partner schools of NLCP’s Phoenix Pact program.
  • NLCP alumni attending college are paired with an Alumni Fellow who serves as a mentor throughout the college years.
  • NLCP maintains an emergency college fund to provide alumni with support for expenses such as housing, tuition assistance and books – averaging $600 per student receiving assistance.

Learn more about how to enroll your son or daughter at NLCP in the upcoming school year, apply your passion for teaching at an NLCP campus, volunteer your time or donate to make an impact at our organization.

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