Providing a web of support.

For more than 20 years, NLCP has cultivated a web of support for students that develops their resilience while creating trauma-informed solutions and a social-emotional toolkit to handle challenging situations. It’s a key aspect of our overall academic model.

Our team of support consists of 10 community partners, five student life counselors, four social workers and three mentoring programs for students. We offer a comprehensive and holistic array of support programs for students, a welcoming advisory and restorative justice practices to develop peaceful solutions to conflict – all designed to develop students’ resilience and create positive solutions.

In addition, NLCP:

  • Partners with families and community leaders to cultivate a web of support for students that clears a path to and through college.
  • Offers Phoenix Hall, a residential facility for students experiencing housing insecurity, provides housing, counseling and community for NLCP students who need it.
  • Is home of the nationally recognized NLCP Peace Warriors student group that reduces school violence and partners with the community to teach a lifestyle of peace-making.
  • Gives students college exposure each summer through participation in on-campus learning programs within the Phoenix Rising Program.
  • Offers last dollar college scholarships to qualifying alumni at partner colleges through the The Phoenix Pact. The Phoenix Pact program offers last dollar college scholarships NLCP graduating to seniors with a GPA of 3.0 or better. NLCP is the only school in Chicago that offers a full-tuition college scholarship to qualifying alumni who attend partner schools of NLCP’s Phoenix Pact program. To date, the program has 30 partner colleges and universities and has awarded $4.2M in scholarships to 425 qualifying alumni since the Phoenix Pact launch in 2000.
  • Maintains an emergency college fund and provides alumni support to and through college.
  • Offers a drama therapy class, required for all sophomores, to provide support and a social-emotional toolkit for handling trauma. The course was created and taught in its inaugural year by an NLCP aluma-turned-teacher/school leader, Azadi Williams.

Our partnerships.

North Lawndale College Prep has earned the Established Level Supportive Schools Certification from Chicago Public Schools due to our efforts in the areas of social-emotional support and climate. Besides the encouragement and assistance provided by our staff, we partner with many local organizations to offer opportunities for students to be mentored and continue to develop healthy social-emotional skills:
Becoming A Man (BAM), through Youth Guidance
Girls in the Game
Polished Pebbles
Youth Outreach Services

We may also partner with the following organizations when giving referrals for our scholars:
SGA Youth and Family Services
Catholic Charities