At North Lawndale College Prep (NLCP), our mission is simple and unwavering: give young people what they need so they can earn a college degree. We start working with students on this endeavor the day they walk in as freshmen. And we continue working with them until they complete college, no matter how long that might take.

Best of all, our model is working! Every year nearly 85% of our graduates enroll in college. 80% of those who enroll have either earned a degree or continue persisting toward one. In a neighborhood where less than 5% of residents have completed college, we think that’s pretty impressive.

deron“When I was introduced to NLCP, I was drawn to the school’s mission, its teachers and of course the students. I mentored a student and immediately wanted to do more. As a board member it is rewarding to encourage our students to pursue their dreams of completing college.“ – Render Dahiya, NLCP Board Chairman | CEO, Arroweye Solutions

2017-18 NLCP Board Of Directors


Al Bennett
Professor, Roosevelt University
Rafiq Karimi, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer,
CD One Price Cleaners
Joe Berry
Joe Black Productions
Jessica Lederhausen
Co-owner, LOVA Collection
Rev. James Brooks
Chief Ministry Officer,
Lawndale Christian Health Center
Bruce Miller
CEO, Lawndale Christian Health Center
Betsy Cadwallader
Senior Vice President, US Bank
Jim Minich
Managing Director, BMO Harris
Robin Coffey
Assistant Deputy Director,
Neighborhood Housing Services
Larry Morris
Sargent and Mundy
Dan Costello
President, Home Run Inn Pizza
Mitch Ornstein
Managing Director, SALO
Jeff Elowe
President, Laramar Group
Steve Ray
Professor, North Park University
Chris Engelman 
Managing Director,
Cedar Hill Wealth Management
Gary Stark
Managing Partner, Iron Range Capital
Tom Flynn 
Lurie Children’s Hospital Fndn.
Robin Steans
Executive Director, Advance Illinois
Nicole Howard
Assistant Superintendant,
Proviso Township
High Schools
Carrie Stewart
Managing Director, Afton Partners
Rob Werner 
Senior Consultant,
Health Management Associates
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